Wooden roof trusses are timber structures that are being manufactured in our production warehouse which are later connected altogether using special perforated steel toothed plates. Roof trusses made with such technology become an extremely strong roof construction, therefore in terms of quality – it is far ahead of the regular roof rafters that are already common to us.

Such method of manufacturing trusses allows us to produce girders of up to 40 m in length (avoiding additional support structures). Wooden trusses can be used not only for the roof of a regular residential house but also for way larger buildings such as hangars / warehouses, etc. 

We produce roof trusses using structural calibrated and graded wood only. Together with the manufactured trusses we also provide you with all the relevant quality documentation, such as CE marking as well as declaration of product performance. We are certified in the production of roof trusses according to the internatonal standard EN14250:2010.

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Thanks to the newest woodworking equipment purchased in the recent years we can offer you the best value for the money. The constructions are cut with the advanced Hundegger SC3 timber cutting machine that enable us to minimize the use of timber as well as to cut all the details extremely accurately (to the nearest millimeter). Cut elements are connected by using certified steel plates Mitek that are punched with a truss press machine Randek. As a result – roof trusses come to the final destination fully made and ready for installation straight to the roof.


We can produce roof trusses according to your given project or we can design trusses for your building completely from scratch. We design roofs using a special roof construction design program “Pamir”. The roof trusses designed with this program are clearly marked, therefore you can easily assemble the roof yourself according to the provided assembly drawings. Keep in mind that installation works of the roof trusses can also be offered by us.

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